Jennifer Kirk Hamilton

born 1950 in California

Lives and works in Rock Hill SC


 Art has been a passion of mine since I was old enough to remember. I left home at the age of 18 and traveled around Europe, working for my keep.  I met my future husband in Germany and returned home to raise a new family and live in my husband’s southeastern homelands.   I was in my thirties before I could begin formal training and have continued to study art ever since.  I spent a few years at Winthrop College and was fortunate enough to find Springmaid Watercolor Workshops in the early 80's.  I have worked for and studied under dozens of uber talented teachers.  The dog series has held my attention for more than a decade and it continues to challenge my artistic talents.



About the Art


This series is an in-depth study that has spanned more than a decade of my exploration into the mechanics of a morning walk.Sometimes when you look at something the true nature does not become apparent until you have given it time to become part of your every day life.   We cease to see what is right before us because we think we know what we see everyday. What I learned from this series is that objects and places hold more than just a physical existence. We stamp everyday objects and places with our memories, memories that come from a daily experience. As I work those memories translate as colors as lines as a feeling of movement. There is no real object in our daily life that does not carry with it the stamp of reminiscence. As I progressed with this series that I realized I was not painting two dogs walking but I was painting a broader idea. I found could paint my sentiments in such a way that what I saw and experienced on a daily basis could be conveyed to a viewer.   When people look at my work a lot of them see their own dogs and recall their own experiences. With this in mind, you become part of the work. I invite you to take the journey with my two dogs and me and to allow yourself into these paintings.  

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