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Jennifer Kirk Hamilton

born 1950 in California

Lives and works in Rock Hill SC


If Color Could Talk, Would it Move? Would it Walk? Inspired by the ordinary, banal task of dog walking, acrylic and oil canvases by artist Jennifer Kirk Hamilton incorporate color and dripping pigments to create compelling pieces to inspire, energize and mesmerize.

 Color has power, power to alter our perceptions of the everyday. Color can grab our attention, change our viewpoint, and reach us on a visceral level. 


 The focus of my work revolves around the everyday task of dog walking. In my artwork, I aim to capture the essence of movement and the dynamic power of the human-canine bond. I aspire to convey a sense of freedom, adventure, and the beauty of the journey by depicting dogs walking away in bold, drippy colors. The focus is not on the individual dogs themselves but on the act of walking and the powerful emotional connection it represents.

For the past few decades, my work has explored not only the human-canine bond but the dynamic nature of color, pushing the boundaries of traditional representation and challenging viewers to consider the question, 'If color could talk, would it move? Would it walk? Colors' ability to evoke emotion and movement has allowed me to explore endless possibilities and tap into the power of art to transform perceptions and alter our conception of the mundane.

Abstract dog painter Jennifer Kirk Hamilton lives and works in Rock Hill, South Carolina. She has been a professional artist since 1976 and maintains her art studio at the Center for the Arts on Main St. Jennifer began her art carrier working primarily with watercolor and explored a variety of subjects, including landscapes, florals, and figures in the landscape. In 2001 she found her signature style when she began painting her two dogs walking in the park. Jennifer is known for her lively bright, and abstracted colorful paintings in oil and acrylic.  She has won numerous awards in the state including Best in Show 2008 SCWS Annual Exhibition. In 2016 she returned to Winthrop University to pursue her BFA degree with a concentration in Sculpture.  



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